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Please, do familiarise yourself with the course description of the course in question before you enrol in In course description, you’ll find the price and the course schedule.

The enrolment requires strong identification. You can identify yourself with your online banking codes or a mobile certificate. In case you don’t have Finnish online banking codes or mobile certificate, please contact University of Vaasa Open University’s study services, avoinyo(at) or 029 449 8004.

The study fee is determined yearly. You can find the valid amount of the study fee here (in Finnish). The enrolment is binding. The service fees for the partner institutions are determined by the yearly service fee table (you’ll find the amount of the study fee in the course description on partner institution’s web site).

Please note, that the courses marked with partner institution’s names are only meant for partner institution’s students. All other enrolments will be removed.

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